Blog Note: If you can't be bothered or don't have time to read the post at least look at the video - I promise you - it's worth it!!!

Tantrums, drugs and prima donnas - no, not footballers or actors but Olympic athletes.
What drama, what pride - these Olympics have been so impressive, but, at what cost? Couch potato or smashed potato who couldn't be impressed with our Olympic success. Should we all be looking to 2012 with excitement and the prospect of an even bigger medal haul, Or, will we be disappointed?

With at least 44 medals won so far - including 18 gold - this makes these games our most successful Olympics since London in 1908, when we topped the medals table for the first (and last) time with a haul of 56 golds. Contrast this with our 36th ranking in the medals table at in Atlanta in 1996 (one gold) and we certainly seem to be to on the up. Those who remember Atlanta will remember thet it was a huge downpoint in British sporting history, a dent to our national pride and possibly our whole psyche.
It's a fact that many of our successful athletes are full time professionals yet they still rely heavily on lottery funding. Adolescent diving sensation Tom Daly who was just out of the medals yet finished seventh in his final (a wonderful achievement) is rightly pleased that his positioning now places him on a 'B' tier funding meaning - more money in order for him to receive the best coaching and back-up leading up to the London Olympics. But, what is the price of all this success? And, will we be able to afford to emulate these performances when London plays host to the games in four years time?

These dazzling performances haven't come cheap. Apart from the sheer devotion and skill of our athletes over many years, money is also key - in this case, £190m of it. This works out at well over £10m per Team GB gold, and almost £5m per medal. Worth it?
Well, just look at this video and judge for yourselves. I know some people are quite cynical about sport (The Olympics) and the money that's spent but our history and sporting traditions have moulded who we are as a country. Possibly it's nice to feel that we can be associated with sport instead of being known as a country who oppresses its people (women) and fanatically wants to blow other people up because they don't harbour their beliefs!
Anyway, the vid explains in simple pictures why attention to detail (money) needs to be made avaliable to our athletes. It may have been 4 years ago but after watching it just stop, and, as I've said, judge for yourself!

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