I have to say that it is with great pride that my user photo - The Green Flash Trainer, was the first ever 'dap' I received as part of a class punishment because Jimmy Lake ran around the gym wailing and wouldn't own up! It was top-notch-touch-ur-toes- territory. So, this is me!

Still sold with two pairs of laces - green and white

A Vietnamese trainer with an unusual style & brand history, the Green Flash Trainer used to be the universal choice of middle class families who called it a "tennis shoe" and mums who bought it at Woolworth's before sending their children to school. Its roots go back to the mid nineteenth century, when John Boyd Dunlop's Liverpool Rubber Company patented a way of sticking rubber to canvas. If anyone is good at reading old patents, please let me know what this technique is. Still sold in smaller shoe shops, the shoes were re-launched as a retro fashion brand with the help of an add-agency:

"In order to breathe life into the brand we took on a completely new position in the youth market and positioned the product as a "club" brand. With the targeted use of guerrilla & tactical marketing we were able to place the product in front of the aspirational club audiences and establish the brand as a "must have". Night projection, fly-posting, club DJ sponsorship, cutting edge POS and viral marketing campaigns formed the core of this highly successful 3 year break."

Aspirational may not be quite the right word. The charm of these shoes - like Converse in the USA - is that they are not trying to be something else; they are cool because they are uncool. They request that the wearer should be judged in some other way than price, polish or recentness of their shoe design. Since re-launch another company has bought the brand, stopped adding fancy laces to the boxes & put strange green slip-streams round the lettering, perhaps to suggest supersonic speed. And embroidered a Wimbledon pavilion above the laces, with dragon-like banners either side.

Anyone could receive unified corporal punishment in a controlled educational establishment as long as you lived in the UK from early 20th Century up until the early 1980's. Although you can still pay for it today by sending your child to an upmarket Private School. Being unmercilessly beaten in the olden days never did anyone any harm did it! Infact, it's probably molded a generation or two.
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