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The Government continued to try and get more children on residential trips today by publishing plans for a manifesto for school trips, which would guarantee every child the chance to attend at least one residential activity. The aim of the manifesto is to cut the bureaucracy that has plagued schools trying to organise outdoor activities, while also giving clear guidelines on safety. Schools minister Lord Adonis said education outside the classroom was safe and could be "inspirational". "From a geography field trip to a week at an outdoor pursuits centre, education outside the classroom can help to enrich the curriculum and bring subjects to life," he said. "We know that parents and teachers want to feel confident when pupils are taken from the classroom on a visit. Schools already make good use of our extensive and widely welcomed guidance on visit safety, but we will go further in our manifesto by including key recommendations for safe visits. We hope that the manifesto will give schools the confidence to offer even more education outside the classroom, and that all those involved are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities."

But teachers were today threatening strike action over end-of-term school trips. “We are going to fight for a ratio of 1 in 6 not the current 1 in 8. It's not as if we enjoy these free trips to places like Euro Disney, Paris, The French Riviera, Alton Towers, Chessington and Wales' Oakwood Park. Many staff are virtually forced to go skiing in such places like Switzerland, Austria, Canada and Italy. If you ask me it's a bloody chore having to take my entire family away for free to Euro Disney for a long weekend” says French Teacher Brian Long.
“Keeping up that dowdy down in the mouth fascade whilst we wave goodbye to the parents is also quite stressful" he added. "It's awful,we're made to go on these trips year after year. Because I'm the French teacher it’s assumed that I have to take a group of children on a cultural exchange visit to Paris, or the South of France or Euro Disney during the summer term. I really envy the Geography department and their simple, uncomplicated field trips sleeping in damp hostels and having to brave the great British weather. It's just not fair why they should have all the fun!”

French teacher Brian Long laments the fact that he has to take his family of four on an all expenses cultural trip to the French Riviera. Whilst Geography teachers study fields, rivers and mud in Breezy Blighty

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